Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 (MMFF 2011) – Full Movie

Shake, Rattle and Roll 13

Shake, Rattle & Roll 13 is a 2011 Filpino horror suspense film in three acts from Regal Films. It is the thirteenth installment of Shake, Rattle & Roll film series. It is also distributed by the Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Regal Multimedia, Inc. It is an entry in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars Eugene Domingo (who also starred in the past film series of Shake, Rattle & Roll), Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, and several others.

Shake, Rattle and Roll 13 Cast

Zanjoe Marudo as Allan
Maricar Reyes as Isay
Bugoy Carino as Bikbok
Celia Rodriguez as Aling Epang
Ervic Vijandre as Pey
Ronnie Lazaro
Manu Respall
Rez Cortez

Kathryn Bernardo as Lucy
Sam Concepcion as Bryan
Louise delos Reyes as Shane
Ara Mina as Beth
Dimples Romana as Rowanna
Julia Clarete as Cornelia
Hiro Magalona
Ina Raymundo
Lloyd Samartino
Lui Villaruz
Ria Garcia

Rain Rain Go Away
Eugene Domingo as Cynthia
Jay Manalo as Mar
Edgar Allan Guzman as Nante
Boots Anson-Roa as Marites
Tess Antonio
Perla Bautista


Lando (killed by Tamawos at the first scene of the film)
Pey (killed by Tamawos)
Baby Tamawo (killed after Allan broke the egg)
Allan (killed by Tamawos)

Rowanna’s family (killed by Cornelia)
Cornelia’s family (killed by Rowana)
Cornelia and Rowanna (killed after a lightning struck both of them)
Mean Girl (manipulated and killed by Lucy;possessed by Cornelia’s soul)
Lucy (killed by Cornelia’s soul)
Shane (killed by Rowanna’s soul)

Rain Rain Go Away
Youth Workers (drowned inside the factory during the wrath of Ondoy)
Nante (drowned inside the car)
Mar (drowned inside the elevator)
Marites (hit by a truck of mineral water)
Cynthia (drowned inside the warehouse)

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